Finding Your Dream Fit

B o o k
Special occasion or no occasion, find a time that is available & most suitable for you.

F i t
When your desired date & time arises, NO appointment is necessary! Unless you choose to do so. *but NOT a requirement

You will find your dream fit with a professional stylist/fitter during the virtual call, website chat, phone call, travel call or in-store visit. Where we will send/provide options in person or via email/text/chat with wide verity of styles & sizes recommended for you in all sections of intimates.
More than just a label, it's a lifestyle
We look forward to serving you in finding your dream fit!
*Please note a 24-72 hr response/update/pick-up/shipping.

Do I have to remove my clothing?
We understand the fitting process can feel very confronting no matter our age or circumstances. Our fitters take place in private area's ONLY & NO recording or information will be sold/posted nor published anywhere for security, privacy, comfort & safety. When you're with a team member, we will ask you to remove your garments ONLY & IF you are comfortable, so we may quickly see how your current intimates fit. We will then ask you to spin around, to further assist how the back/sides look & feel for comfort purposes.

What sizes do you carry? Could I try-on or do I have to pre-order?
There is no standard size in beauty, therefore we take honor in catering to ALL your needs in sizes, styles, colors & age groups. We pre-order occasionally for products that may have sold out or special order desired items for future try-on or purchasing. (Absolutely NO extra fee NOR OBLIGATIONS)
*Bras 22-60 Band sizes AA-P Cup sizes *Sizes XXXS-7X in Shape-wear, Lounge-wear, Bridal, Post Surgical, Pre Surgical, Corsets, Sports-Athletics, Men's, Youth, Women's, Mastectomy, Reductions, Maternity-wear & much more!

Can I get a Fitting anytime I want?
Currently yes! Our hours are as followed
Monday - Friday : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday : 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday :  CLOSED
 *upon any requests, visiting days/hours, private events, showers, parties, career opportunities, questions or concerns contact the dream team!

How long does an Appointment last?
Like any in-store fitting it can vary, depending on the consumer. We recommend allowing 15-30 minutes for the consultation although it may be shorter or longer in time.

Does your team accommodate to special needs? Medical? Or Wheelchair access?
We most certainly do! Senior assistance drop-off/pick-up, special needs, wheelchair, disability easy access is IN-FRONT of our store location. 
*Restroom availability 
*Fitting room, shopping access & services available 
*Unfortunately we do NOT bill nor accept insurance at this time. 

Will the Virtual/Travel/In-Store/Or Phone Fitting cost me?
We do NOT charge for ANY services, what will cost you is not experiencing Heavenly Desires for your own self! If you choose to purchase intimates prior to, or after the Fitting, this will be your only cost. Our goal is to ensure that we serve & service you in offering the perfect fit without compromising or obligations.

Can I bring loved ones, friends, family or children with me?
Absolutely! We strongly advise that you please DO! & do NOT leave anyone behind. Our location accommodates to a large party of individuals providing plenty of lounge seating, resting areas, library & even children's play area! 
*Beverages/snacks are complimentary & provided upon visit

Also, visit our Custom Services for tailoring + repairs & alterations!
As well as our After-Care recommendations for more help on how to maintain longer lasting life on our inner-wear!